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I am going to use a simple Kaggle code of multiclass classification by bagging/bagging with some parameters. A: It is already possible to download keras-models and save them to disk, but unfortunately, they are not compatible with Keras backend. It might be useful to first check which keras backend you have. import keras print(keras.backend) If you have one of these backends, then Keras backend is your problem: Probably, you can convert your Keras backend to a compatible one by installing Keras in the same directory as your downloaded model, with: python -m pip install --user --upgrade --force-reinstall --ignore-installed. If you do not have any backend yet, you can try to change your Keras backend by changing your keras.json to specify the desired backend: { "backend": "tf" } However, this might not work as expected. You can try the following: git clone cd keras/ It should make sure that you have a Keras backend installed and up to date. You can now use the backend argument in your scripts and export to json. For reference: This invention relates to timing mechanisms and more particularly to a timing assembly which is adapted to be employed in various controlled position systems such as, for example, precision time-pump installations. The nature of the present invention is best understood with reference to the pump timing operation which, for the sake of convenience, is briefly described hereinafter. The invention is utilized in connection with a precision time-pump installation wherein the time-pump motor is mounted in a housing and is driven by a centrifugal or motor driven drive gear operatively engaged with a central shaft. The shaft is driven in synchronism with the motor, the shaft being mounted eccentrically within the housing and carrying thereon a set of pinions, disposed in opposing relationship to a pinion attached to the motor drive gear. The motor shaft is provided with a suitable step-up gear or bevel



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